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[condor-users] How to specify the code from third machine?

Dear Condor-users,

Assume my executable code and some input files are
located on machine A. I issue my job desciption file 
on machine B, the jobmanager is on machine C. How can
I specify executables in the desciption file?

currently, I use the gridftp to transfer all the 
needed files (including the codes) to machine C, 
all the files are transfered to /tmp/. 
then use the following descriptions files:

executable = /bin/sh
transfer_executable = false
globusscheduler = surya/jobmanager-condor
Universe = globus
GlobusRSL = (condor_submit=(Universe vanilla))
arguments = /tmp/run.sh print \"/tmp/print.in\"
environment = CLASSPATH=/tmp
output = MCCF_A.$(cluster).$(process).out
error = MCCF_A.$(cluster).$(process).error
log = MCCF_A.$(cluster).$(process).log
when_to_transfer_output = on_exit
queue 1

I wonder whether there exists ways for me to specify 
the files on differnent machines in the description 
files. Would you pls help me figure out this? Your
kind help and patience are highly appreciated. 

Best regards,

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