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Re: [condor-users] dprintf hit fatal errors

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 10:07:31AM -0500, David Vestal wrote:
> To all,
> "dprintf hit fatal errors."  I'm getting this on a very regular basis in my job log files, but I suspect I made it happen myself through a dumb debug statement.  Can anyone on the Condor team confirm that if I put something like this in:
> long flags;
> dprintf(D_ALWAYS, "%xl\n", flags);
> ...would this cause it?

internally we're just calling vfprintf, so I think that would work. 

> Also, if I place an updated executable in the bin directory of the Central Manager, is it automatically propagated to nodes in the pool?  Section 7 (FAQ) in the Condor 6.4.7 manual seems to suggest this is the case, but I'd like to confirm it.

Condor does not propgate any binaries around. 

Condor makes it easy to upgrade in place, if new binaries become available, but
it's up to you to somehow get new binaires to each machine. Common ways of doing
this include putting bin/ in a shared NFS or AFS file server, or using a tool 
like cfengine to automatically copy binaries around.

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