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[condor-users] Install on SuSE 9.0


when I installed CONDOR 6.6.1-linux-x86-glibc23-2.i386.rpm on SuSE 9.0,
I was locked by 'failed dependencies : PERL >= 5.0 is needed (Carp Fentl
FileHandle Getopt::Long POSIX Text::Wrap struct).

Obviously there is something wrong in the test : installed PERL is
5.8.1,  and all the required modules are present.

I used 'mc' to enter within the RPM and I installed CONDOR by myself. 

It is perhaps well known bug, but your site seems not alive now and I
cannot verify, so I prefered to post it.

	Thanks for your great work,

	Have a good day,


Dr Alain Empain  <alain.empain@xxxxxxxxx> <alain@xxxxxxxxxx>
      Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics, 
      Fac. Med. Vet., University of Liège, Belgium
      Bd de Colonster, B43   B-4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman)
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