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[condor-users] Quick-n-easy Condor question

To all,

I have a tiny DOS batch program that I use to retrieve the logfiles of grid nodes.  This is it:
copy C:\Condor\log\MasterLog . 
copy C:\Condor\log\StartLog . 
copy C:\Condor\log\StarterLog . 

When I submit it as a Vanilla job, Condor is supposed to copy the logfiles to the execute directory, then detect that the job has created these files, and copy them back to the Central Manager.  It usually doesn't.  Usually no logs are copied to the central manager, sometimes one, and rarely more.  However, Condor's output file (specified as output="job.out" in the job submission file) is always copied back.  So, I added these lines to my batch program:
echo BEGINNING OF MasterLog 
type MasterLog 
echo BEGINNING OF StartLog 
type StartLog 
echo BEGINNING OF StarterLog 
type StarterLog 

Now, I get the full text of those three logfiles...returned as part of job.out, and not as separately created files.

This is an acceptable workaround, so this issue is relatively minor.  But why won't condor reliably return the logfiles without me having to resort to the above?
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