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Re: [condor-users] jobs die due to low free memory

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Anika Boehm wrote:

> By the way: the expression
>    on_exit_remove = (ExitBySignal == True) && (ExitSignal != 4)
> doesn't release a successfully done job (ExitCode = 0) from the queue (at
> least not with condor-6.5.3@Solaris). The expression still evaluates to FALSE.
> It seems
>    on_exit_remove = ExitCode =?= 0
> is the solution to my problem.

Your original expression says to let a job leave the queue if it dies with
a signal other than 4. This doesn't include normal program termination.
This is probably what you meant:
   on_exit_remove = (ExitBySignal == True && ExitSignal == 4) == False

Since ExitSignal is only defined if ExitBySignal is True, you can use the
meta-not-equals operator to simplify the expression (like you did in your
second expression):
   on_exit_remove = ExitSignal =!= 4

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