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[condor-users] How to set up the MPI Universe in windows?

Hello, I?m trying to run condor on a Beowulf like cluster of dell computers (all running windows 2000 and MPICH).  So far I?ve been successful at running in vanilla universe, but all attempts at running under the mpi universe fail.  Well, the jobs don?t crash they just stay idle.  Condor_q ?analyze says that I have ?N match, but prefer another specific job despite its worse user-priority?.   The condor manual says I need to have dedicated resource in order to run under the mpi universe and suggests I look at condor_config.local.dedicated.resource file, however this file doesn?t seem to be part of the condor-6.6.4-winnt40-x86.exe install? 


Is there any place I can get detailed instruction on how set up an mpi universe under windows?  I?ve also noticed that parts of the condor manual says that windows only works under the vanilla universe and parts of it says it also works under mpi?