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Re: [condor-users] How to set up the MPI Universe in windows?

The setup for Windows and for *NIX is just the same. Just take that
"condor_config.local.dedicated.resource" file and put it on Windows.

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 15:56, Cliff Padgett wrote:
> Hello, Im trying to run condor on a Beowulf like cluster of dell
> computers (all running windows 2000 and MPICH).  So far Ive been
> successful at running in vanilla universe, but all attempts at running
> under the mpi universe fail.  Well, the jobs dont crash they just stay
> idle.  Condor_q analyze says that I have N match, but prefer another
> specific job despite its worse user-priority.   The condor manual says
> I need to have dedicated resource in order to run under the mpi
> universe and suggests I look at condor_config.local.dedicated.resource
> file, however this file doesnt seem to be part of the
> condor-6.6.4-winnt40-x86.exe install?  
> Is there any place I can get detailed instruction on how set up an mpi
> universe under windows?  Ive also noticed that parts of the condor
> manual says that windows only works under the vanilla universe and
> parts of it says it also works under mpi?

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