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[condor-users] Condor Python module available

Hey everyone.  Due to a couple of requests I've recieved about our Condor 
Python module, we're hereby offering it to the world.  Hopefully it will 
prove useful to some, though it is much more limiting than Condor itself.  

Also included are a couple of command-line tools which use the condor.py 
module: qrange and qshake.  We use qrange to submit arbitrary commands 
that operate over a number of frames, including Maya, imgcvt, etc.  qshake 
is a drop-in replacement for shake, inspired by a similar tool I used at 
Weta that submitted Shake jobs to Alfred.

If you have questions, suggestions, etc. feel free to contact me, though 
depending on our production schedule I may not be able to respond to 

The tarball can be had from our website at 


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