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[condor-users] Announce: Condor-Setup-Hawkeye 0.1.0 available for download


Sorry to spam the list, but I (as the primary Hawkeye developer on the Condor 
team) have been getting an increasing stream of requests to make it easier to 
add Hawkeye features to your existing Condor.

Well, to solve this problem, I've created the above package which modifies 
your Condor configuration & installs the same "install module" script as is 
used in Hawkeye (except that here it's named condor_install_module instead of 
hawkeye_install_module).  You can then download & install the same modules as 
you can for Hawkeye, and can then use the dynamic attributes in your Machine 
Ad for match-making purposes.

It's available through the Hawkeye download page 

Have fun,


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