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Re: [condor-users] newbie question

When, however, I edit the condor_config.local to to point to another condor_master,

I don't know what that means. You changed the MASTER configuration variable? You shouldn't need to edit that.

Or are you saying that you changed the CONDOR_HOST (COLLECTOR/NEGOTIATOR)_HOST?

If it was the latter, try looking at a couple places for hints:

1) Using Condor Effectively. You got this handout at Condor Week, but you can download it from:


2) Section 7.3 of the FAQ


If this doesn't help, then send email with the following information:

1) condor_q -l <Your job id>
2) condor_status -l <machine-name>
   Where <machine-name> is a single machine that you think should
   be able to run your job.


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