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Re: [condor-users] where is my output data file

Hi Jaime,

Thank you very much for the reply.

The "remote_initialdir" option works if I submited a job to a remote site. But if I run the job at SDSC teragrid site, I submited the job from login node. basically I am running the job from my home dir, and I could not find my file. Here is my script. I think condor_g doesn't consider the backend computational nodes as remote nodes.

And if I did transfer output file back, I got error messages. How can I locate the output data file in this case?


My condor script:

#Dir the jobmanager uses as default dir

# Working dir

# Path to executable

# This is what makes it an mpi job
globusrsl=(jobType=mpi) (count=4)

# Condor-G can stage the executable

# Specify the globus resource to execute the job

# Condor has multiple universes, but Condor-G always uses globus

# Files to receive sdout and stderr

# Specify the number of copies of the job to submit to the condor queue

From: Jaime Frey <jfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [condor-users] where is my output data file
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 21:03:01 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, ke wu wrote:

> I am now running a condor_g job on teragrid. Howerver I am having trouble to
> locate the output data file(not the file in output=condor.out) . In my
> condor_g submit script, I specify the directory with
> globusrsl=(directory=/some/dir)
> But there is no output file written into that directory and I could not
> find where the output file is. My job is an MPI fortran job and I am using
> globus universe.
> BUT, if I run a single job (not MPI) using condor_g, if I specify the
> output directory using
> globusrsl=(directory=/some/dir)
> I could see the output files will be dumped to the directory. I only have
> problem with MPI jobs.

Condor-G sets the directory attribute in the globus rsl it builds. It
doesn't check if you also set directory using the globusrsl attribute in
your submit file. If an attribute is defined twice in an rsl, globus'
behavior is undefined. You can tell condor-g what directory to use with
the remote_initialdir attribute in your submit file. See if that fixes
your problem.

> Also, can you tell me where I can see the rsl file generated by condor_g? If
> I run the MPI job as a globus job, there is no problem and the output data
> file is generated in the directory specified in the rsl.

Condor-G will log the RSL it constructs if the debug level is turned up
enough in the config file:

Look for a line saying "Final RSL:" in the gridmanager log.

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