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[condor-users] Job Requirements check failed!


I am seeing this on a machine in our pool (version 6.6.1):

4/21 10:26:56 Remote owner is patrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4/21 10:26:56 State change: claiming protocol successful
4/21 10:26:56 Changing state: Matched -> Claimed
4/21 10:39:00 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host
4/21 10:39:00 DaemonCore: received command 444 (ACTIVATE_CLAIM),
calling handler (command_activate_claim)
4/21 10:39:00 Got activate_claim request from shadow
4/21 10:39:00 Job Requirements check failed!
4/21 10:41:24 DaemonCore: Command received via UDP from host
4/21 10:41:24 DaemonCore: received command 443 (RELEASE_CLAIM),
calling handler
4/21 10:41:24 State change: received RELEASE_CLAIM command
4/21 10:41:24 Changing state and activity: Claimed/Idle ->
4/21 10:41:24 State change: No preempting claim, returning to owner
4/21 10:41:24 Changing state and activity: Preempting/Vacating ->
4/21 10:41:24 State change: IS_OWNER is false
4/21 10:41:24 Changing state: Owner -> Unclaimed

Am I correct that this means that user patrick's job was matched but
then when Condor began to start the job it did a last check of the job
requirements in the job's classAd and found that the requirements were
not met, and so that job went pack into the queue and the machine into
the Unclaimed state?

If so, then I am confused since the job did get matched in the first

Also, the requirements for the job are fairly generic:

Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") && (OpSys == "LINUX") && ((CkptArch
== Arch) || (CkptArch =?= UNDEFINED)) && ((CkptOpSys == OpSys) ||
(CkptOpSys =?= UNDEFINED)) && (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024)
>= ImageSize)

I checked that the ImageSize is small as is the Disk, so I don't see
what is causing the message "Job Requirements Check failed!".

Any ideas?



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