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[condor-users] Condor 6.7.0 released

The Condor Team is please to announce the release of Condor version 6.7.0.
Condor 6.7.0 is the first release in our 6.7 development series, and is 
available now on Windows and most major Unix systems. Development 
series releases include many new features, but are less well tested
that our stable series. We do not recommend using the 6.7 development
release in production, though we encourage our users to download and
deploy 6.7.0 in as many situations as possible to help us test and to
give us feedback on our new features. 

The 6.7 series has three major themes:

Future releases of the 6.7 series will be concentrating on features
in this area. Eventually, the 6.7 series will be hardened and evolved 
into our stable series, and a new development series will take over. 

The 6.7.0 release includes a number of new features - job submit and execute
sites can now tolerate some classes of failure and reattach to a running
job, jobs can be mirrored between multiple schedds for fault tolerance,
multiple machines can serve as a high-availability service for some daemons,
Condor can now submit into grids managed by OGSA-based GT3 services, NorduGrid,
and Oracle, applications that use the DRMAA library to submit batch jobs can
now use Condor, Condor can transfer files larger than 2 gigabytes, as well
as stream output from vanilla and Java universe jobs, and Condor can use the
MyProxy online credential service to manage PKI credentials.

A complete list of changes to 6.7.0 can be found here:

The Condor Roadmap talk from Paradyn/Condor Week contains some more in-depth
explanations of what features are in 6.7.0, and what features you
will see in future 6.7 releases. If you weren't able to join us in
person to see it, it is available online here:


As always, the Condor Team remains at condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you all for using Condor, and we hope you are excited about the new
features as we are!

--The Condor Team
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