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Re: [condor-users] Condor Source (was: Condor 6.7.0 released)

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:43:08 +0200  "Jose Luis Marin" wrote:

> I may have missed it, but... I dind't find any references to the
> open-sourcing that was announced last year in CW2003.

you didn't miss anything, since there's nothing to reference yet.

> Any progress on "ready-ing" the code for going OSS?


> Is version 6.8 goint to be it, as Todd announced last year?
> (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/CondorWeek2003/presentations/tannenba_roadmap.ppt)

ha, never believe anything you hear in a Condor Week roapmap talk
until you see it on the download page. ;) someone just sent me a link
to the roapmap talk i gave at CW 2000... sorry to say, lots of it is
all wrong.  unfortunately, even the best-laid plans of us developers
usually run into problems in the real world of working with
collaborators, unexpected emergencies, re-prioritizations, and more.
we've stopped calling them "roadmap" talks and now refer to them
internally as our "guesses about the future"... :)

so, i can't honestly give a timeline for when we'll finally be ready
to release the source.  yes, we are making progress.  no, we haven't
forgotten that people want it done.  yes, many of us developers are
open source fanatics, too.  yes, some of us chose to work for condor
in the first place precicely because we could be paid to develop open
source software.  no, this isn't the only thing we have to work on.
yes, we'll make a *big* deal about it and publically announce it all
over the place when there's a link on the downloads page to the source
tarball (we get more requests about the source than any other single
topic, i'd love to just be able to reply with a URL).  no, the user
community doesn't need to keep asking us to ensure progress.

wish i could be the bearer of better news on this front, but i'm just
being honest...

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