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[condor-users] preemption_requirements, once again

Despite some help provided by list members, I still don't understand the behaviour of
the PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS expression in our pool since we have upgraded
to version 6.6.2 and, some days ago, to 6.6.4.

We are using the following expression to avoid the pool being used only by long
running jobs:
PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS = $(ActivationTimer) < (5 * $(MINUTE)) \
&& RemoteUserPrio > SubmittorPrio * 1.5

We have virified its behaviour with the command:
condor_config_val  -negotiator PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS

and we've obtained:
( (CurrentTime - JobStart) < 5 * 60 && RemoteUserPrio > SubmittorPrio * 1.5 )

In fact, this is what we were expecting to get!
And I don't understand why this expression, since the upgrade from v6.6.1 and
for similar situations never turns to TRUE! It is always FALSE even if there are users
with higher priority waiting and jobs with less than 5 minutes runtime!

I have turned the nogotiator debugging optiob to full, but I still have no light...
Is it the first or the second part of the condition that is not working? Should I try other
expressions to represent the "ActivationTimer"? How can I see the real values for
the user priorities, I mean for RemoteUserPrio and SubmittorPrio for certain users?
With condor_userprio -all I can see that there are users with
higher priorities that can't put their jobs running...

It seems also that if a set of machines is claimed by a user with many subprocesses,
even if a subprocess finishes, that set of machines will only be avalible for the same user.
But I have noticed that if one machine is rebooted or the condor service is re-initialized,
this machine is "given" for running a job from a different user with higher priority.
Is that right?

Can I have your opinions on this? How can I solve or track better the problem?
Many thanks in advance!

Paulo Amado Mendes
University of Coimbra - Portugal

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