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[condor-users] pre-emption disabling without machine locking

Am running in an environment where throughput and immediate balancing rather than fair use is the main concern.
Operating in the vanilla environment (Windows) so long running jobs should not be removed unless absolutely necessary.

therefore we have a structured tier solution for rank (simple, just low, normal, high and critical)

from the config:


PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS	=  TARGET.TIER =?= "Critical" && MY.TIER =!= "Critical" \
|| ( ($(StateTimer) <=  10 * $(MINUTE)) && MY.RANK < TARGET.RANK ) \
|| ( ($(StateTimer) >=  24 * $(HOUR))  && (RemoteUserPrio > SubmittorPrio * 1.2))

PREEMPTION_RANK		= (MY.EnteredCurrentStatus - MY.RANK) + RemoteUserPrio 
RANK = ((TARGET.TIER =?= "Critical") * 1000) + ((TARGET.TIER =?= "High") * 100) + ((TARGET.TIER =?= "Normal") * 10) + ((TARGET.TIER =?= "Low") * 0)

This avoids pre-emption except where a job has just started (so users starting about the same time behave like they started at the same time) or if it is believed to be a runaway
If someone is to be preempted then in general more recent jobs will be got rid off unless the rank is better (user prio differentiating where the jobs are very close)

user prio considerations are not important so PRIORITY_HALFLIFE is set to 1.

This would do the right thing if it was not for the fact that on jobs completing (or even being put on hold) the user retains the claim to the machine even if they have the whole pool and someone else is waiting.

Is there anyway to force a machine to become unclaimed when jobs finish? would this significantly affect throughput when the farm has only one user with many jobs?


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