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[condor-users] symlink vs perl script wrappers for Condor binaries


I installed Condor 6.6.3 on Red Hat 9 using the tgz file one two
computers using the old-style condor_install script.  On one computer
I carried out a full install, on the other only a submit-node install.

In both cases (CM and submit) I wanted to have the Condor binaries
accessible to users through /usr/local/bin.  The CM installation created
symbolic links in /usr/local/bin to point to the binaries (in
/usr/local/condor/bin), but the submit-only installation created hard
linked perl script wrapper in /usr/local/bin, and this perl script
doesn't seem to be able to process the command "condor_version".  We
noticed the problem with condor_version when we tried to build a code
using "condor_compile make target" after moving /usr/bin/ld to
/usr/bin/ld.real and inserting Condor's wrapper for ld---condor_compile
complained about condor_version being an unknown command.

Why were symbolic links used in one case and perl scripts wrappers in
the other?  What are the differences between these two ways of making
available the Condor programs?  Is a submit-only installation not
supposed to provide condor_compile capability?

Thanks for the support!


Mr. De-Wei Yin, MASc, PEng
Dept of Chemical & Biological Engineering tel: +1 608 262-3370
University of Wisconsin-Madison           fax: +1 608 262-5434
1415 Engineering Drive                    dyin at cae dot wisc dot edu
Madison WI 53706-1691 USA                 www.engr.wisc.edu/groups/mtsm/

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