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Re: [condor-users] pre-emption disabling without machine locking

Dan Bradley wrote:

Matt Hope wrote:

Is there anyway to force a machine to become unclaimed when jobs finish? would this significantly affect throughput when the farm has only one user with many jobs?

There is no way to do this, but the feature you want will be in 6.7.x (probably 6.7.1). Your solution which allows preemption during the early stages of a job is the best workaround that I know about. Unfortunately, you don't want to do that for a certain class of "critical" jobs, so those will be problematic.

I should mention an additional clever but expensive workaround that some people came up for preventing critical jobs from being killed while still allowing preemption to happen: they set PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS to allow preemption during the first 10 minutes of execution and they make their job sleep for 10 minutes (plus a few for safety) on startup.


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