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[condor-users] condor_submit bug in 6.6.x for OSX (workaround described)

greetings, condor-users

i just got a bug report (and confirmed on my PowerBook) that
condor_submit has a minor bug in the OSX port on 6.6.x.  if your
submit description file includes the line:


at the end of the file to enqueue a single job, condor_submit will
probably fail with a message like this:

ERROR: "test.sub" doesn't contain any "queue" commands -- no jobs queued

this will be fixed in version 6.6.5.  in the meantime, if you only
want to enqueue a single job, all you have to do is use this:

queue 1

in your submit description file.  

sorry for any trouble this might cause.

good luck,

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