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[condor-users] DRMAA API - Perl interface


Just found that Condor 6.7.0 has added DRMAA:
> applications that use the DRMAA library to submit 
> batch jobs can now use Condor

And I am forwarding this email from Tim with his Perl
interface for DRMAA. It is supposed to be DRM
implementation independent, but he has never tried
with condor before, but if someone is using condor
6.7.0, you can get the Perl module for the DRMAA
interface from CPAN.


--- Tim Harsch <harsch1@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> First, let me say thanks to the SGE developers list
> and the DRMAA-WG for the
> help you provided in getting this developed.
> Next, let me just say that although this module is
> supposed to work for any
> DRM with DRMAA support, it has only been tested with
> SGE and will most
> likely need some install script adjustments for
> other DRMs.  I'll be trying
> to get a testbed for Condor up soon.
> The documentation is fairly extensive, and the test
> suite is robust enough
> to cover all the API functions but not near
> exhaustive enough to try all
> scenarios.  I would appreciate any volunteers
> installing it on their SGE
> test clusters and see if it will pass all tests.
> I'll wait a little bit for feedback and revisions
> before announcing to SGE Users or Bioclusters lists.

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