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RE: [condor-users] RE: clarification required please

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> >which is true?
> Uhh... Does grep work on Windows? If not, just skim the 
> output and look for 
> the CurrentRank.

does with cygwin :¬)
> Perhaps the real question is "what should CurrentRank be?".

Indeed I should have written which is meant to be true. since I was planning on providing a quick (and very dirty) app to allow the vacation of an arbitrary number of machines at user request but only taking out those of lesser rank. I think I will steer clear of assuming a negative value indicates no job running and wait for 6.7.1
> >B) Preemption
> >from the supplied config file
> >
> >##  The negotiator will not preempt a job running on a given machine
> >##  unless the PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS expression evaluates to true
> >##  and the owner of the idle job has a better priority than 
> the owner
> >##  of the running job.  This expression defaults to true.
> >UWCS_PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS = $(StateTimer) > (1 * $(HOUR)) && 
> >RemoteUserPrio > SubmittorPrio * 1.2
> >
> >does this means that, in addition to this PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS 
> >evaluating to true the user prio must be better or that this 
> particular 
> >expression causes this.
> The condor_negotiator checks the priority internally as well.

I have two different replies to this now (ref: Mark Silberstein)

Since I have set the priority_halflife to 1 second to make prior user load immaterial in assigning the user priorities will never be significantly different except while jobs are running. Will this change negatively impact other internal processes/optimizations expecting a significant value?
> >C) Vacation
> >vanilla jobs do not immediately go to the killing state they 
> remain in the 
> >preempting state till the timeout expires (we were using the 
> default UWCS 
> >value for KILL as I thought it would not matter)
> I suspect that this is a bug in the documentation, not in the 
> code. I will 
> ask someone else to weigh in on this, and maybe fix the 
> documentation if 
> necessary.

The state transition diagram in the docs is pretty clear. want_vacate = false; go straight to killing, do not pass go, do not collect a checkpoint. (which makes sense)


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