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[condor-users] Extremely fast execution of java jobs!!!


I am currently running some benchmarks between jobs running through condor
and jobs running on a stand alone machine.

I am working with java jobs at the moment... to my surprise, I'm finding
that a job that would normally take 4 minutes on a stand alone computer
only takes 1 minute to run in my condor pool!!!

This is a REALLY big increase in performance!!!! Now my question is... how
is this possible???

My job spits out a lot of data to the screen, which I normally redirect to
a file... when run on condor, I'm guessing that it's method of handling
output is a LOT more effecient than the piping of output to a file.

Would I be correct in guessing this???

Could anyone direct me to some further reading about how condor does
this... especially in the java universe?

I am VERY impressed with these results... however, I feel the need to
justify them somehow as they are a bit unbelievable!!!

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