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Re: [condor-users] Extremely fast execution of java jobs!!!

Hello Bob,

I'm happy to hear that you are getting good I/O performance with Java and
Condor, however, I regret to inform you that Condor is not taking any
special measures to speed up I/O. It seems more likely that you happen to be
using faster resources as an accident of using Condor.

Just brainstorming, here are some ideas as to why it might be faster:

- The machines in your Condor pool might simply have faster cpu/memory/disk
than your desktop machine.  Trying logging directly into one and running
your job.

- If you job produces a lot of output, it will run considerably faster
sending its output to a file than to the terminal.  (Scrolling a big
graphic display can be expensive.)  Try timing both of those cases.

- On your desktop machine, you might be writing your output to a distributed
file system, which can be considerably slower than using a local disk.
For example, if your /home directory is stored on NFS and /tmp is a local
disk, then "myprog > /home/bob/output" can be considerably slower than
"myprog > /tmp/output".

Those are just some ideas...
Let us know what you discover.


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