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[condor-users] invalid characters in queue log kill the schedd

one of our users tred the following qedit (from cygwin bash) by mistake

condor_qedit -constraint "foo == \"A/B\"" -constraint "ClusterId > 27750" JobPrio 20 

clearly he wanted

condor_qedit -constraint "foo == \"A/B\" && ClusterId > 27750" JobPrio 20 

however running the previous command managed to get a line like the following into the queue.log (for every job)

103 27719.106 äH ClusterId > 27750

(thats characters 228, 4, and 72)

The End Of Transmission character incorported into the name appears to cause the schedd to die (every time it starts up it promptly dies again with a core dump)

I hacked every such line out of the file and restarted and this appeared to fix it but it would be nice if malformed commands could be handled a little less terminally.

Posting to the group in case anyone else gets a similar problem.

(incidentally this is running pre-release 6.6.6 but I'm guessing that this is a more general problem)


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