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[condor-users] Condor and DHCP problem(?)



One of my scientists has a lap top running Mandrake, which will run one of the RH versions of Condor 6.6.5. We would like to use it for him to access our grid resources via Condor-G.


The machine uses DHCP to assign an available institutional IP address.

It calls the machine dhcp-XXX, where XXX is the last three numbers in the assigned IP address.

There is no domain in the name (i.e .ri.ac.uk at the end).

Condor doesn’t like this during install, as it’s not a fully qualified host name (no dots in it!, says Condor)


Setting up this machine as master, submitter and executer in a pool of one (not personal condor, though) gives the following:

If I specify dhcp-214 as central manager in the config file, condor_status is visible but condor_q does not work.

If I specify the IP address as central manager in the config, q is visible, but status is not.


The IP address and hostname may change from day to day.


This may be me not understanding enough about DHCP, or linux hostname setup.


How does Condor discover a hostname given by DHCP, will it accept one with no domain suffix and how do I get around the issue of the DHCP-provided IP/hostname changing?