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Re: [condor-users] not running because no user?

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 8:33 am, Michael Remijan wrote:
> Hello,
> I've submitted a dag on a machine where I have a user account,
> "remijan".  while watching the output from `condor_status' I noticed that
> some machines would become "claimed" but never "busy".  When I looked at
> the StarterLog file for those machines, I discovered the jobs could not run
> becuase a userid for "remijan" could not be found.  After I executed
> `useradd remijan' on those machines, jobs started running on them.  These
> are Java jobs, btw.
> My question is how do I get jobs to run without requiring my account to be
> created on all the computers in the pool?


Try looking into the "Soft UID Domain" setting (SOFT_UID_DOMAIN in your 
condor_config).  It's described in 3.3.5 "Shared File System Configuration 
File Macros" in the Condor Manual.  Basically, it let's you do exactly what 
you're describing.  :-)

Hope this helps!


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