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RE: [condor-users] last job submitted info

On Thu, 27 May 2004, Kewley, J (John) wrote:

> > >     condor_history roy | tail -1
> >
> > Sorry, this answer isn't quite complete. That will tell you
> > about the last
> > job submitted and completed.
> Are you sure? Is not just the last job (or indeed subjob) to complete?
> Submission doesn't come into it.
> > You'll have to look at "condor_q roy"
> > (submitting your user name, of course) to see what jobs have
> > not completed.
> Again, this doesn't help if you have submitted a variety of jobs with
> different
> requirements, some of whom have completed and some not. You may have only
> one job
> in the queue, and it was submitted this morning, waiting for an overnight
> resource;
> meanwhile a couple of hundred short jobs could have run during the day.
> Does the following find the most recently submitted job by user jk on the
> current (submit) node, $CONDOR_SPOOL being the spool directory:
> cat ${CONDOR_SPOOL}/job_queue.log | grep -w User | grep jk | tail -1 | cut
> -d" " -f2 | cut -d. -f1

job_queue.log only contains information about jobs that are still in the
queue. Digging in there will get you the same information as running
condor_q (i.e. you'll only see jobs that haven't completed and left the
queue yet).

Be careful about mucking around in job_queue.log. We make no guarantees
about not changing its format in the future. However, there is a simple
way to find out what cluster id the schedd will assign the next job to be

grep '^103 0.0 ' ${CONDOR_SPOOL}/job_queue.log|tail -1|cut -d" " -f4

All jobs already submitted will have lower cluster ids.

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