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RE: [condor-users] last job submitted info

> >     condor_history roy | tail -1
> Sorry, this answer isn't quite complete. That will tell you 
> about the last 
> job submitted and completed.

Are you sure? Is not just the last job (or indeed subjob) to complete?
Submission doesn't come into it.

> You'll have to look at "condor_q roy" 
> (submitting your user name, of course) to see what jobs have 
> not completed.

Again, this doesn't help if you have submitted a variety of jobs with
requirements, some of whom have completed and some not. You may have only
one job
in the queue, and it was submitted this morning, waiting for an overnight
meanwhile a couple of hundred short jobs could have run during the day.

Does the following find the most recently submitted job by user jk on the
current (submit) node, $CONDOR_SPOOL being the spool directory:

cat ${CONDOR_SPOOL}/job_queue.log | grep -w User | grep jk | tail -1 | cut
-d" " -f2 | cut -d. -f1

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