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[Condor-users] SOFT_UID_DOMAIN ??

We recently upgraded to condor 6.6.6, and I think this corresponded with a change in behavior of condor for some users.

One user started having runs hang on in the queue, where they would be started and stopped immediately. A little snooping in the log files revealed that each run would fail with:

8/3 21:43:31 ERROR "Uid not found in passwd file & SOFT_UID_DOMAIN is False" at line 336 in file starter_common.C

in the StarterLog on the compute nodes. The UID in question is valid and available via NIS only, not literally in the passwd file (which is the case with all real user UIDs). NIS is functioning properly on the compute nodes in question.

For a workaround I've set SOFT_UID_DOMAIN=true and the runs have started and completed successfully.

Was there a change in UID management in version 6.6.6? Is there something further I can do to determine the root cause of the problem? Is condor expected to work with NIS (I assume so, as it worked perfectly before).