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Re: [Condor-users] New setup questions

On Thu August 5 2004 4:30 pm, Mike Frederick wrote:
> Newbie alert!

Sorry that nobody has responded sooner...

> I have installed Condor 6.6.6 on a Windows 2000 Professional box as the
> master.  I have run a few example jobs thru the Condor interface and they
> were scheduled and ran fine.
> Now I have built a Red Hat 9 box and am trying to add it to the pool.  The
> condor_status command shows:
> C:\Condor>condor_status
> Name          OpSys       Arch   State      Activity   LoadAv Mem
> ActvtyTime
> Mike_RH.nuvie LINUX       INTEL  Owner      Idle       0.000    91
> 0+01:17:58
> elpin.nuview. WINNT50     INTEL  Unclaimed  Idle       0.040   384
> 0+00:28:58

Right here, you see that your Linux box is in "Owner" state, and that's why 
it's refusing to start jobs.

> So, if you wouln't mind helping a rank beginner (in both Condor AND Linux):
> 1) Any guesses or things to look for on why the Linux box won't play?
> 2) Are the jobs no running because the Linux box is not participating, or
> is there more wrong?
> 3) Where are the other "requirements" coming from?  I didn't put them in
> the submit file!
> 4) The ultimate goal of this experiment is to determine if Condor and DAG
> will give us the job submission/synch control that we need to kick off a
> "job" which causes other jobs to run (across multiple platforms at once)
> with a final job requiring that all previous jobs completed normally.
> Any help would be appreciated.  TIA!

Look at the START expression defined in your condor_config. If it's using the 
UWCS_START expression, it's looking at "KeyboardIdle", "CPUIdle", and the 
"state".  For testing, just set your START to "TESTINGMODE_START" (or just 
plain "True" would be fine).  Look at 3.6 "Startd Policy Configuration" in 
the manual for more info on this.

There are also implied requirements on a submission.  condor_submit added the 
memory, imageesize & HasFileTransfer ones for you, but they're not causing 
your problems; the fact that your Linux box is in "Owner" state is.

Hope this helps


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