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Re: [Condor-users] MSI install

> I'm trying to build a custom MSI install of condor. So far I have build
> customized versions of condor_local and condor_local.config but not sure
> what registry keys or any further customization need to be done.
> Thoughts?


Here's a few tips:

1. You can use MSI to treat the config files in the same manner in handles
windows INI files. We allow our config files to contain lines starting
with '[', which to Condor is a comment, but to MSI is the beginning of
a section in the INI file.

2. The only registry key you need to worry about is:


This string tells Condor where the main config file for that machine
is located (path and filename).

3. You'll also have to install Condor as a service, and you'll want to
make sure that it's set up to run as local system.

good luck,