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Re: [Condor-users] Proxy renewal in Condor-G


Thank you for the pointers. From the slides,
I understand that two operations are supported:

  1, automatic retrieval of the credential from a
     MyProxy server, done by Condor-G scheduler
     (allows to submit a Grid job from any machine,
     to monitor/restart the job and retrieve the output)

  2, automatic refreshing of the job's credentials
     at the remote site, done by Condor-G scheduler
     and the remote resource manager (useful for long
     running jobs or highly loaded resources).

However, section 5.3 referenced below seems to explicitly
describe only (1). Is (2) also supported in Condor 6.7.x?

Thank you.

Carey Kireyev wrote:
Yes, Condor-G in 6.7.0 and above has MyProxy refresh functionality:

Please let us know if you have specific questions.


 > Look at slides 16 & 17 from our most recent "Condor Roadmap to future
 > work" from April at the Condor Week 2004 conference.