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Re: [Condor-users] condor_submit and PhP??

     I saw similar behaviour in getting R jobs to run in bog standard condor. My
guess was that condor is executing - condor-reuse-vmx user - in a strange
environment that doesn't have appropriate pathing etc. In my case the solution
was to change the job to a batch file and force it to shell out recreating the
environment. The manual for windows talks about this approach....

Cheers Paul

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I'm developing some interfaces for condor using WWW and PhP.

I've got one application WWW interface ready and it works great.

But some some reson, the second application is giving me a hard time. If
i manually execute condor_submit via windows command line using the
scripts that PhP outputs my job works fine and renders....but when php
tries to execute condor_submit i always get this in my error log
"error: initialization failed: unable to locate binary"

condor_submit is in the windows path and i set teh working directory to
teh saem location as my submit file before Php issues the shell command...

Very odd...any1 else notice this before??


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