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Re: [Condor-users] condor_submit and PhP??

But some some reson, the second application is giving me a hard time. If i manually execute condor_submit via windows command line using the scripts that PhP outputs my job works fine and renders....but when php tries to execute condor_submit i always get this in my error log
"error: initialization failed: unable to locate binary"

condor_submit is in the windows path and i set teh working directory to teh saem location as my submit file before Php issues the shell command...

I'm confused--your PHP script fails to run condor_submit, or your job is submitted, but it fails to execute the job?

If it's the former, I can't offer much help.

If it's the latter, then realize that the environment for your job may not be what you expect. Many users use "getenv = true" in their submit files to get the same environment that they have when they submit the jobs. If you submit from PHP, this may not help you because the environment may not be quite what you expect. You can try two things:

  1) Run a simple script that prints out the environment--particularly
     the PATH, and see what it is.
  2) Explicitly set the environment in the submit file with the
     "environment = " option.

I hope this helps,