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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble stopping DagMan jobs

I'm using Condor 6.6.6 & I am having trouble removing a DagMan job. For example job 128 is teh dagman task. So i try to remove that job thinking it will remove all the other child jobs.

DAGMan should in fact remove its children jobs.

But joib 128 is never removed from the list of jobs..if i try to remove it the system says it is already marked to be removed..but if never gets removed....

There are a couple of DAGMan log files in the directory that you submitted your job from. One of them in a ".out" file with the standard output of DAGMan. It has lots of stuff about how it is running your jobs. When the DAGMan job is removed, this log should have information about how DAGMan is stopping its children before exiting.

Does this log have anything interesting in it? Any errors that might indicate the problem?

Is there some directive i am missing in my dagMan submit script which will allow me to remove the entire dagman controlled task??

Nope, this should just work.