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RE: [Condor-users] Push jobs of special working group?

I believe the issue here is that 'Workgroup' is a Job ClassAd attribute and when calculating the RANK expression, Condor expects to resolve Machine ClassAd attributes.

To copy the Job ClassAd attribute to the Machine ClassAd, in your config file do something like:


The way you have it now, Workgroup is in fact always undefined, therefore RANK = 0.


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running Condor 6.4.7, I cannot modify the RANKing of jobs. If for example I add a line

+Workgroup = "7"

to my submit file, and have a line

RANK = (Workgroup =?= "7") * 100000 + (TARGET.Workgroup =?= "7") * 10000 + 1

in all condor_config files, I still get 

Rank = 0.000000

back from `condor_q long | grep -i rank`.

Does =?= matching not work? What if Workgroup has not been set? The example in the config using Owner is not very useful - Owner is always defined... BTW, I'm pretty sure only one of the match terms would succeed. Which one? (Removing the + from the line doesn't help, as expected.)


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