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Re: [Condor-users] Push jobs of special working group?

Steffen Grunewald wrote:

running Condor 6.4.7, I cannot modify the RANKing of jobs. If for
example I add a line

+Workgroup = "7"

to my submit file, and have a line

RANK = (Workgroup =?= "7") * 100000 + (TARGET.Workgroup =?= "7") * 10000 + 1

in all condor_config files, I still get

Rank = 0.000000

back from `condor_q long | grep -i rank`.

I think you are getting confused between two different ranks.

Your job can rank machines. You do this by setting "Rank = " in your submit file. If you do this, you will see the rank when you do a condor_q -l.

Your machines can rank jobs. You do this by setting the RANK in your condor_config file. If you do this, you will see the rank when you do a condor_status -l.

You changed the machines' ranking of jobs, so it will not show up in condor_q. It will show up in condor_status -l. When you do, you should see two things:

1) Your rank expression
rank = ...

2) The current rank value for a job that is running. (If there is a job running
current_rank = ...

Does =?= matching not work?

=?= has worked well for us--we use it regularly.

What if Workgroup has not been set?

If Workgroup has not been set, then (Workgroup =?= "7") will be zero.

Note that if Workgroup hasn't been set, you might get strange results. Your expression is:

(Workgroup =?= "7") * 100000 + (TARGET.Workgroup =?= "7") * 10000 + 1

ClassAds in the current version of Condor are a bit weird.

a) for the "Workgroup", it will look first in the machine, and second in the job.

b) For TARGET.Workgroup, it will look first in the job, then the machine. You would think that it would only look in the job, but it doesn't. This is wonky, but it's the case.

I hope this helps.