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Re: [Condor-users] Running "batch" jobs on different platforms

At 06:08 PM 8/16/2004 +0100, Matt Hope wrote:
on unix I guess it treats .sh the same way, but thinks
you bat file is an executable, thus sending a file
that isn't an exe renamed as if it was.

No, Linux does *not* work this way. It does not execute the script based on the file name.

There are two way to execute the script.

1) If you are sitting in a shell and the file is executable, you can type the name of the script and it will run the interpreter that is listed at the beginning. Matt has this:


2) You can specify what interpreter should run the script:

csh foo.bat

I was able to replicate the problem by turning off the executable bit. That is:

  * With the executable bit on, Condor was able to run the script
  * With the executable bit off, Condor was unable to run the script.

You can either twiddle the executable bit, or you can change part of your submit file:

executable = /bin/csh
arguments = foo.bat

You probably also should set:

transfer_executable = false