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Re: [Condor-users] Condor + SUSE + rpm

Hello John,

I am using CONDOR exclusively on SuSE (8.2 and 9.0 9.1).

I had just to install another version of CONDOR (6.7.2) to accomodate the kernel 2.6.x. (condor- schedd died on kernel 2.6.x)

shared 'condorenv' :
KERNEL=`uname -r | cut -c1-5`
SUSE=`cut -d' ' -f5 /etc/issue` kernel 2.6.x.

if [ $SUSE = 8.2 ]
        export CONDOR_LOCATION=/home/grid/opt/condor-6.6.6
        export CONDOR_LOCATION=/home/grid/opt/condor-6.7.2

To install CONDOR 6.7.2, I just downloaded its RedHat 9 RPM, and with 'mc' I copied all the opt stuff to /home/grid/opt/condor-6.7.2 (/home/grid is shared by nfs mount between all my nodes).

master condor_config:

Simple and it works ;-)



Kewley, J (John) wrote:
Are there any SUSE and/or rpm experts out there?

When I install the Condor rpm (dynamic, RH9 version) on SUSE 9.0, I get warnings about certain perl modules not being installed. I have installed
with "-nodeps" with no problems except YASS gives lots more warnings when it is run.

Any ideas?


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