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Re: [Condor-users] Condor View scripts

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 03:24:41PM -0500, Froebe, Scott wrote:
> Has anyone convert the condor view scripts to some other language such as
> perl?
> I'm wondering since I am looking at setting up Condor View stats on our
> cluster here, but all our servers run under windows.  I would rather not
> install cygwin, but possibly the MS Unix tools if that would run the current
> scripts for me.

We once had a student hack on a C version of the condor_view scripts. Our
eventual goal was to integrate the scripts straight into the collector,
so you wouldn't have to run a seperate webserver - we'd listen on a port
for HTTP requests ourselves.  By having the scripts as C programs, we
could also use the same source on Win32 (this was 2001, and ActiveState
Perl was not nearly as good as it is today)

I offer the code up now - all I did was copy it out into a directory,
and verify that it still compiles. I have no idea if I got everything
or if it works at all. I think the way it's supposed to work is to
copy viewUnix into the data directory, edit condorview.cfg, then run
setup.view, which is a shell script to invoke everything.

If this is useful for someone, great. If someone wants to clean it up
some, well, we'd be thrilled :) However - just in case the URL isn't
clear, this is Unsupported-with-a-captial-U unsupported. condor-admin
will deny the existance of this code. There is good reason we did not
integrate this code into Condor 4 years ago. (But with some work, we'd
be up for integrating it in). Please direct questions back to the list.

Also in this directory is a bunch of info on condor_stats, which might
make for some interesting reading.