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Re: [Condor-users] Condor View scripts

       we are running the condorview scripts under MSU. There are some
issues with the management of CRLF issues that were annoying to sort out in
porting the scripts. The real problem is that condor_stats doesn't work
reliably in this context. The hourly stats don't return any data and there
are some display axis problems. Because we are only running a very small
pilot we didn't go to the trouble of solving these problems - probably a
rewrite of the scripts to use native throughout would remove our problems.
We just didn't want to make the investment until we were committed to
condor as a platform.

Cheers Paul

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Has anyone convert the condor view scripts to some other language such as

I'm wondering since I am looking at setting up Condor View stats on our
cluster here, but all our servers run under windows.  I would rather not
install cygwin, but possibly the MS Unix tools if that would run the
current scripts for me.


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