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[Condor-users] setting the NETWORK_INTERFACE =

Hello all,

I have a condor master running on a machine with two ethernet cards. one card is for public clients to submit jobs and one is for a private network to support all the nodes of the grid.
when I set this configuration the first time, the master node bind its private ethernet card to the condor process, causing communication to the master only from its private network ( only from the grid nodes ).
when I executed the command  "condor_q -g" from one of the nodes i got the expected results.
I can submit job from the master node and everything goes as it should.
when I set the NETWORK_INTERFACE =, thus causing the master node to listen on the ANY_ADDR, so  from the private and the public machine will be able to access it , nothing is working.
I'm submitting a job from the master node .
when I execute the command "condor-q -g" again from one of the nodes, I'm getting the following error:
roya@node250:/opt/condor/bin> ./condor_q -g

-- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : Blade
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>

it seems that the NETWORK_INTERFACE is not just for binding but also set this number to the nodes in the grid.

I'm using condor 6.6.7 release both on Suse and Windows platform.

what do I do wrong ?

Roye Avidor