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Re: [Condor-users] getting details/information regarding a given job

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 02:26:37 -0700  "bruce" wrote:

> does anyone have any thoughts as to how i could pull information from all
> the servers within my pool, to allow me to then get complete information on
> a given job. i'm considering some app that might merge various files,
> allowing me to then be able to tell when an app was started, completed,
> completion status, server it ran on, submitting user, etc....

the userlog file pretty much gives you all that in 1 place already.
it doesn't explicitly tell you the user the job was submitted as, but
the file itself is owned by that user, so you could figure that out.
otherwise, it's got everything you asked for:  when it was submitted,
when + where it ran, what happened to it, when it completes, the
status (either exit code or signal that killed it), and a bunch of
other info, too.  just make sure your users are submitting jobs with
this feature enabled by putting:

log = filename-you-want

in their submit description files.