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[Condor-users] MPI problem

     I run the MPI job in linux and window2000. The job can pass through, but 
the outfile shows:

-- Submitter: node0.plasma.ustc.edu : <> : node0.plasma.ustc.e
p0_4575: (60.344715) Procgroup:
p0_4575: (60.362045)     entry 0: node0.plasma.ustc.edu 0 condor_exec wange
p0_4575: (60.362103)     entry 1: (null) 1 condor_exec wange
p0_4575:  p4_error: Could not gethostbyname for host (null); may be invalid name: 61

   When I run the same job in only windows, it runs without any errors.