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[Condor-users] Is VirtualMemory updated at intervals?

Page 24 in section 2.5 of the 6.7.2 manual says that VirtualMemory is
"The amount of currently available virtual memory" for a machine. I'm
running non-Condor processes that are, according to my machine, eating
up just about all of the virtual memory on the machine. But when I do:

condor_status -f "%d\n" virtualmemory <machine>

I'm seeing the same number (about 1 GB) reported despite the fact that
the OS says there is not 1 GB of available virtual memory. This is 6.7.2
on Windows XP.

Is the VirtualMemory figure for a machine a static or dynamic value?
That entry in the manual led me to believe it was dynamically updated.

- Ian

Ian R. Chesal <ichesal@xxxxxxxxxx>
Senior Software Engineer

Altera Corporation
Toronto Technology Center
Tel: (416) 926-8300