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Re: [Condor-users] problems removing other people's jobs

>From my previous experience,  it's impossible to  remotely remove  job
submitted to schedd on windows machine from non-windows machine.
Authentication in NT is  NTSSPI, so there's no way for non-windows
machine to be authenticated, no matter what user you define. 
You can try playing with security definitions ( described in 
In fact, I never succeeded to remotely condor_rm from windows machine
either, but it was in 6.4.7, so maybe in 6.6.5 the problem was resolved.
Please share your experience if you succeed.

On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 10:42, John Wheez wrote:
> AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method
> I get the above error when trying to remove a job which was submitted by
> another computer. I'm logged on as root which is set as a queue super
> user.
> my central pool host is a linux box but the job was submitted from a
> windows machine. Does the queue super user need to have an account on both
> the windows machine and the linux based pool manager?
> Thanks for any tips, JW
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