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RE: RE: Re: [Condor-users] Condor and batch Matlab problem


 Even when I run a script containing only the "exit" command the job still
hangs there in the running state
until I do a condor_rm.

 It looks like the problem might lie somewhere else than
where you suggested. That is, at least at this stage. It is
possible that if I get it passed this stage, it might
not find the input files.


>Aaron Suggs <asuggs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>  I am using a very simple matlab script file. test.m:
>>> load a.dat;
>>> load b.dat;
>>> matrR = a * b;
>>> save matrR.dat;
>>> exit;
>>I think the problem might be the path to those a.dat and b.dat files
>>in your matlab script. Matlab probably has some default folders that
>>it looks in, but it doesn't look in the temporary condor executable
>>directory. (But, as you noticed, when you run the command manually
>>from inside a condor executable directory, matlab knows your present
>>working directory, and it's smart enough to look for the files there.)
>>There are two potential solutions. One is to not use a batch script
>>(see below). The other is to do some tricky stuff using the
>>%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR% environmental variable that is set when a
>>machine starts to execute a condor job, and contains the full path to
>>the execute dir. Thus, the lines in your matlab script should be
>>something like "load %_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\a.dat". Note, that probably
>>won't work verbatim because %_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR% is a Windows
>>environment variable. I'm not sure how to have matlab get and use the
>>contents of a Windows environment variable, but I'd bet it's not too
>>>  When I submit through condor, I use a matlab.bat file, with the
>>> matlab.exe %1 %2 %3 ... which calls the matlab engine on the
>>> execute machine so I don't have to stage the executable.
>>While batch scripts are handy for a good many tasks, it might be
>>overly complicated in this case. You could just add "copy_to_spool =
>>false" to your submit script, and have "executable =
>>/path/to/matlab.exe". This makes your submit process a little simpler,
>>and may fix the path problem too!
>>>  I have even tried with a basic .m file containing only the exit
>>> but no success.
>>What do you mean "no success?" Does the job just sit idle forever, or
>>do you get errors? (If you get errors, post them) This potentially
>>shoots a hole in my assessment of the problem above. Perhaps posting
>>some more snippets of log files would help too.
>>Aaron Suggs
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