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RE: [Condor-users] permissions problem in condor

I hope this doesn't seem too simple, but check that all the directories
on the path are readable by the appropriate user.  I've hit sort of
thing numerous times, and it always confuses me for a bit, at least


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> Subject: [Condor-users] permissions problem in condor
> I am submitting a job in the PVM universe. I am getting the following 
> warnings;
> WARNING: File /home/anayar1/mw/examples/cactus/in_master.pvm 
> is not readable 
> by condor.
> WARNING: File /home/anayar1/mw/examples/cactus/cactus_nilsbh 
> is not readable 
> by condor.
> WARNING: File /home/anayar1/mw/examples/cactus/out_master.pvm 
> is not writeable 
> by condor.
> WARNING: File /home/anayar1/mw/examples/cactus/out_worker.file is not 
> writeable by condor.
> all the above files are world readable so I dont see why 
> condor is not able to 
> read them. Only thing I can think of is condor was installed 
> as condor user 
> and I am running these jobs as user anayar1. is that 
> theproblem? Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Arun
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