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Re: [Condor-users] permissions problem in condor

all the above files are world readable so I dont see why condor is not able to read them. Only thing I can think of is condor was installed as condor user and I am running these jobs as user anayar1. is that theproblem? Any ideas?


You are *submitting* the job as anayar1, but is it actually running as that user?

I encountered this error recently and the job was actually being run as condor in the working directory of the job
which was identical to the submit directory of the job. By adding 'transfer_files=ALWAYS' the
job instead staged everything to the temporary spool directory in condor's home, which allowed the job to run as condor.

When I looked a bit more at the log files, I noticed that it was complaining:

7/15 12:46:34 Submitting machine is "localhost.localdomain"
7/15 12:46:34 ERROR: the submitting host claims to be in our UidDomain (dek-vmware), yet its hostname (localhost.localdomain) does not match

This lead me to notice that I had set CONDOR_HOST different from UID_DOMAIN and FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN,
which may help explain the problem.

Unfortunately the Condor manual is somewhat vague about what the working directory of the job is; it refers to several different locations and you have to read quite closely and experiment to recognize that the working directory is determined by FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN and UID_DOMAIN matching.