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[Condor-users] Open Filer error

We have installed Condor in our machines, and at the begining it seemed it worked ok, it could run some jobs in the vanilla universe without problems. But now, when we send a problem it starts runing and then it becomes idle, without any explanation. The logs show this:

extract of Starterlog.vm2:

7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) Type: 1 (any), Name: (null), Addr: <>
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) FullHost: (null), Host: (null), Pool: (null), Port: -1
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) IsLocal: N, IdStr: (null), Error: (null)
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) --- End of Daemon object info ---
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) entering FileTransfer::Upload
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) entering FileTransfer::DoUpload
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) DoUpload: send file 2program.log
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) ReliSock: put_file: Failed to open file /home/condor/condo
r-6.6.5/local.thymus/execute/dir_15491/2program.log, errno = 2.
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) ERROR "DoUpload: Failed to send file /home/condor/condor-6
.6.5/local.thymus/execute/dir_15491/2program.log, exiting at 1379
" at line 1378 in file file_transfer.C
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) ShutdownFast all jobs.
7/23 12:36:50 (fd:13) Got ShutdownFast when no jobs running.

And the log of the job shows a Shadow exception error.

Anyone knows what might be happening?

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